Lawn Care Tools, Expertly Designed by Landzie

Landzie manufactures and sells expertly designed lawn care tools.  Our helpful tools make it quick and easy to have a lush green lawn this season.

The Landzie 36" Compost and Peat Moss Spreader

Compost Spreaders

Transform the quality of your compost topdressing work and dramatically reduce the effort to cover large areas in less time.

Ryan Knorr lawn level

Lawn Levels

Level your lawn like a pro with our range of lawn levels. With manual and dragged options, a level makes short work of big jobs.

Landzie Stand Up Weeding Tool

More Lawn Care Tools

Use our complete assortment of lawn tools to reduce soil compaction and promote the growth of a lush green lawn!

How-To Articles

Nourish Your Lawn

Get the best results by top dressing with the right mixture for your grass type.

Get It Nice and Level

Use the right filler and tools to make short work of removing dents and bumps from your lawn.

Keep It Looking Great!

Aerate your lawn, and keep an eye on the soil composition with a probe to ensure peak health.

Landzie Gift Cards Now Available!

Landzie Gift Cards

We partner with Ryan Knorr to deliver top-quality lawn care accessories designed by lawn care experts!


Reel Mowers by Swardman

Founded in 2013, Swardman set out with a vision to become the producer of the best reel mowers in the world.

Ease of use, the finest materials and the most precise engineering combine to produce the most perfect cut possible on a blade of grass. We provide Swardman products to the USA and Canada.

Electra Standard

Battery-Powered Swardman Electra

An exceptional self-propelled battery-powered reel mower with low running costs and much, much quieter than its peers.

Edwin 2.1 Standard

Gas-Powered Swardman Edwin 2.1

An outstanding self-propelled highly maneuverable reel mower featuring a quiet, efficient and reliable Briggs & Stratton engine.

Landzie is the exclusive source of reel mowers by Swardman in the US and Canada!