Andrew with an Electra mower

I’m Andrew Laplante, Owner of Landzie.

My wife Ashley and I started Landzie at our kitchen table in an effort to provide the efficient, high-quality, and affordable lawn equipment we were unable to find in the existing market.

As a father, husband, dog dad, and lifelong lawn enthusiast with a full-time job, I needed to tackle yard projects right the first time around, and didn’t have a ton of time in my day to do so. From there, the vision was clear: to create high-quality and innovative products, rooted in a business built with a backbone of superior customer service and satisfaction. With this simple mission in mind, we quickly got to work thoughtfully developing products with the utmost attention to detail, curating a team of experts, and building our infrastructure.

While Landzie started with just one flagship product, our 24-inch Peat Moss Spreader, we now offer a full range of solution-driven lawn care tools to help you achieve the perfectly manicured lawn you’ll want to brag about every time. As we continue to expand our product portfolio and team alike, our ethos stays the same: integrity, dependability, and unmatched customer service. As the world around us evolves, we remain committed to ethical practices and transparent communication.

A combination of my children’s names, Landon & Mackenzie, Landzie is a family company to its core. We invite you to check out our impressive array of expertly-crafted products for yourself, and we welcome you to our family!

The Landzie Startup Story