AshleyLogistics Manager
Fun Fact:
“I love the show Friends and quote it everyday.”
EricOperations Manager
Fun Fact:
“My daughters were in a Phillies commercial!”
TimInformation Technology Manager
Fun Fact:
“My ideal vacation is a family road trip to a national park.”
DiegoFinance Manager
Fun Fact:
“I know how to snowboard, surf, and scuba dive but am deathly afraid of spiders.”
JeremyWarehouse Manager
Fun Fact:
“I have 14 tattoos.”
MarcyProject Manager
Fun Fact:
“I’m a triplet!”
JoeE-Commerce Manager
Fun Fact:
“My favorite movie of all time is Jurassic Park.”
DanielleExecutive Assistant
Fun Fact:
“I love musical theater! I’ve been in 10 different shows and seen over 30 shows on Broadway.”
EricInformation Technology Specialist
Fun Fact:
“I climbed Mt. Rainier in Washington State in 5 days.”
JessicaProject Manager
Fun Fact:
“I’m a Vegan and a former fitness competitor.”
EmilyCustomer Experience Coordinator
Fun Fact:
“I’m a big fan of The Office, giraffes, and anything involving live music.”

Out and About

Grow with Us

The rapid success of Landzie, LLC can be attributed in part to the collaboration of our intrinsically motivated group of independent thinkers.

Landzie believes that a positive work-life balance is essential to company productivity and morale. Our team operates within a Monday-to-Friday schedule, reserving nights and weekends for family and fun. During the week, we divide our time between working remotely, attending company outings, and collaborating at our main office. While in the office, we foster a pleasant, yet productive environment. This balance helps us enjoy what we do, and utilize our time efficiently. No one should suffer from feeling overworked or underappreciated.

Are you a talented professional who loves to fuel your workday with laughter? Reach out to [email protected] to learn about our current openings.