Landzie peat moss spreader and peat moss

We believe so!

We might be a little bit biased here at Landzie, but we believe we make the best compost, peat moss, topdressing spreader on the market. Our customers agree! Check out our Amazon reviews to see what people really think.

We developed our Compost Spreader after trying out similar models, however, we found a lot of issues with the Peak Seasons™ compost and peat moss spreader and knew it would not help us get our backyard project complete. If you are looking to spread compost, top dress your lawn or cover a newly seeded lawn in peat moss, our product is for you!

While the Landzie spreader might not work very well with sand, almost any other medium will work great! Or you could mix sand and soil together. If you are looking for how to seed a new lawn, overseed an existing lawn, or any other lawn tips, we highly recommend checking out Ryan Knorr Landscaping channel on Our Youtube Channel