Over time customers began asking us questions, so we put the most common questions and answers here!

FAQ & Answers

Peat moss, compost, pitt moss, fine mulch, topsoil, or a topsoil/sand mixture work in our Landzie spreaders. 

The 24″ spreader holds 2.8 cubic feed while the 44″ holds 7.2 cubic feet.

The Landzie Spreader will cover approximately 250 square feet when filled with peat moss at about a thickness of an 1/8th of an inch.

Theoretically, our Spreaders should work for spreading sand, however we have not tested our products with this medium. The cage openings on both size spreaders are specifically designed for compost, peat moss, and other topdressings. Because sand is much finer and heavier in comparison, for optimal results a controlled amount should be placed into the barrel due to increased weight. In addition, walking at a brisk pace should help yield good results. Landzie is working on designing a product specifically for sand, but that is still a few months away from being widely available. 

The original Landzie Spreader had a handle length of 24″. Beginning in April of 2021, the Spreaders will come with a 25″ handle. We do offer an optional 30″ handle that can be purchased separately HERE.

Yes we absolutely ship to Canada. There is a $35 flat rate to cover shipping, tariffs, duties, and taxes. 

Our products can also be found on Amazon, Ryan Knorr Lawn Care, Grange Co-Op, eBay.

Please note that due to COVID 19, we are seeing large fluctuations in the price of raw materials, shipping, and general costs associated in the manufacturing and delivering of our products to our valued customers. In addition, Landzie runs various promotions throughout the year and works with several promotional partners in an effort to increase awareness about our high quality of goods. Due to these factors, we can only honor the price of our products at the time of purchase. Unfortunately, we cannot offer products at a previously discounted price, nor offer partial refunds on items if the current promotional price is lower than what you might have previously purchased the item for. We are very sorry for this inconvenience and we appreciate your understanding in this matter.

If you are hesitant and would like to see our product being used before you make your purchase, you can find a number of videos of people using our product on Youtube. Simply search ‘Landzie’ on Youtube or click HERE.