Landzie New Product & Expo Survey

Thank you for taking our quick survey! As Landzie continues to grow and expand our product line, we genuinely appreciate your honest feedback and support! Please feel free to leave comments if necessary.

1. What categories of items do you currently purchase either online or in-store?

2. If Landzie were to start selling in categories other than lawn and garden (ex: some of the categories listed above), would you consider purchasing these items through Landzie?

3. Do you spend $1,000 or more per year on any of the categories listed above in Question #1? If so, please leave a comment with the categories you purchase most!

Please list the categories you purchase most below:

4. Would you rather purchase all of these items under the Landzie brand, or would you prefer to purchase them under another brand which would be a subsidiary of Landzie? (Ex: Coca-Cola sells soft drinks. Coca-Cola also owns Dasani, which sells water).

5. How do you like our "Landzie Green"? Do you think we should change our lawn tool color? If so, what do you recommend?

6. How did you hear about us?

7. What did you enjoy most/attracted you to our expo booth at the Equip Expo this past week?

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    Landzie 24″ Compost & Peat Moss Spreader

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    Landzie & Ryan Knorr Lawn Leveling Rake

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    Landzie Fork Aerator

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