Landzie Patent Pending Products 
At Landzie we pride ourselves on our foresight as it pertains to the lawn care space. Our number one goal is to develop innovative and revolutionary lawn care tools for our valued community.
We are excited to announce that two of our new lawn care tool designs are “Patent Pending” by the renowned USPTO (United States Patent and Trademark Office). We are also patent-protected (Certificate No. 6007994) in China for our Landzie Spreader.
1) The Landzie Spreader with Side Clasps
The Landzie Spreader design is already a patent-protected product in China, and we are currently “Patent Pending” in the United States for our proprietary side-clasp design. This design utilizes our Landzie clasps on the outside of the Landzie barrel drum at both ends. The side clasps keep the gate attachment from becoming ajar during operation by exerting pulling pressure on U-shaped joints welded to the gate attachment. The Landzie Spreader with Side Clasps seeks to ensure that proper dispersion of lawncare substrate can be applied effectively using this tool.
2) The Landzie Pneumatic Lawn Level 
The Landzie Pneumatic Lawn Level is a novel invention that is currently “Patent Pending” in the United States. The base includes specific deviations to the front side used for storage of the handle. A strut is attached to the handle which is meant to improve two features of the lawn level design, mobility and reduce recoil from the level base getting caught on deviations in the soil. This specific design not only allows for an automatic retraction of the lawn level base to promote ease of storage for the product, but this application is meant to stabilize the level base during the process of leveling out dirt, sediment, and organic debris. With this design, during operation, the strut will exert force to the front portion of the level base to keep it parallel to the ground.