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Electra Reel Mower 55 cm (Battery) – Orange (Matte)

Electra Reel Mower 55 cm (Battery) – Orange (Matte)

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The Electra is an exceptional self-propelled battery-powered reel mower with low running costs and it is extremely, almost unbelievably, quiet. Unlike a gas-powered mower, it doesn’t need to be serviced.  A grass box, transport wheels, and a 6-blade reel are included.  Follow the steps below to add additional reels, regeneration cartridges, and accessories to your individual specification.  Also, please note that products marked as “available on backorder” may take approximately 18 weeks to arrive.



Swardman Electra is the world’s first reel mower powered by two independent electric motors, and also the world’s quietest reel mower with the noise level at the operator’s ear at only 67 dB. Electra’s loudness is approximately 5x lower compared to a typical gas-powered rotary mower.

A further advantage of Electra is minimum service requirements, thanks to the absence of a combustion engine, a minimum share of plastic parts, mobile parts made strictly out of metal, and a genuine, high-quality construction.

The Swardman Electra is powered by a LiFePO4 battery that will cut up to 1,400sqm (15,000 sqft) on a single charge.

Electra Ghost

Easy Cordless Maneuverability

Electra was constructed for free movement without cords and with emphasis on being easy and intuitive to use. Even the smallest person will maneuver the Electra with ease. The whole machine is started and comfortably controlled with buttons on the handlebars and two electronically controlled levers, one for driving and the other for mowing. Speed can be easily adjusted with buttons on the control panel.

Electra is the only walk-behind reel mower in the world with a reverse gear, making it easier to maneuver in turns or when parking the machine. For advanced lawn care enthusiasts, there is a special mode – a regeneration mode that allows you to drive at the minimum speed at maximum reel revolutions. This is ideal for verticutting and especially for removing the thatch when scarifying. Another special feature – cruise control – allows you to control the mower with one hand. It comes in handy especially during longer mowing stints and on long straight runs.

Custom Configuration

Lawn mowing should first and foremost be a pleasure. Swardman offers you the option to customize the reel mower to your specification. Unlike any other reel mower, you can choose from a wide range of colors, you can have the handlebars covered in the same luxurious leather that Porsche use on their steering wheels, or you can add a cup-holder and a mobile phone mount.

Electra Handlebars and Mower Top View

Additional information


57 KG (55cm)

Mowing System


Mower Width

55cm (22 inch)

Cut Height

4 – 45mm

Cut Height Adjustment

Variable micro adjustments

Maximum Mowing Speed

3.3 mph, 5.3 kmh

Mowing Capacity - SQM Per Hour

2,900 (55cm)

Powered Drive


Grass Box Material


Handlebars Minimum Height

85 cm

Handlebars Maximum Height

115 cm

Handlebars Finish

Softened plastic, phtalate free

Maximum Overall Width




Front Cylinder

Flat, made of stainless-steel

Rear Cylinder

Split, made of stainless-steel, with a differential

Battery Type

510Wh /1400m2, LiFePO4 , 26V, 5,2kg

Power - Drive Motor

24V/ 200 W

Power - Spindle Motor

24V/ 500 W

Electrical Charger

Included, 120V, cable length 3m

Noise Level

67 decibels (at operator's ear)


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