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Landzie Fork Aerator


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The revolutionary design of the Landzie Fork Aerator makes this the ideal tool for the seamless removal of soil and thatch from almost any lawn. With an all stainless steel design, beveled stem, and open-faced removable tines, this product is a durable and efficient means of reducing soil compaction and promoting the growth of a lush green lawn.

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In stock

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Innovative Design

The Landzie Fork Aerator has been optimized in its design in order to provide an efficient, easy to use handheld aerator that penetrates even the toughest of soils with ease.

The Landzie Fork Aerator Features

  • With an all stainless steel construction, the Landzie Fork Aerator can withstand even your toughest lawn care projects.
  • Opened faced tines prevent jamming and clogging during aeration.
  • Each tine is removable for easy cleaning and storage.
  • Beveled stems at the base of tines assists with soil expulsion from core.
  • Sufficient room in both width and height for any size shoe or boot.
  • Pre-assembled and ready to use upon delivery.
  • Heat treated powder coated finish in our classic Landzie Green.
  • Comfort soft grip foam handles.


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