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Groomer (Edwin 55 cm)

Groomer (Edwin 55 cm)


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The Groomer flicks through the grass, removing horizontal growth and organic material without penetrating the thatch layer. It stimulates the lawn to develop new growing points and encourages more vertical growth. Grooming with the Swardman Groomer cartridge can be performed regularly as part of your lawn care maintenance program.

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Designed to be used regularly and frequently, the groomer cuts the grass vertically. As a result, the grass is stimulated to grow vertically. Regular use of the groomer cartridge helps achieve an evenly growing, dense, and homogeneous lawn. Thanks to the narrow, close-fitting blades, the use of the groomer is very lawn-friendly and differs significantly from verticutting.

As grooming is a gentle and lawn-friendly procedure, you can use the groomer every week. The blades of the groomer should only just make contact with the soil. The groomer should be run at the maximum speed possible. With the Edwin, you can increase the power using the throttle lever on the handlebar, whereas for Electra, switch on the regeneration mode.

The groomer’s blades are subject to normal wear and tear and can be replaced with new ones once they are worn out, or if you happen to damage one.

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Edwin 55cm (22 inch)


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