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Landzie 24″ Steel Lawn Roller

Landzie 24″ Steel Lawn Roller


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The Landzie 24″ Steel Lawn Roller is the #1 lawn roller for smoothing various topdressings, flattening bumps in your yard, and pressing in grass seed. Grow the perfect lawn with Landzie!

In stock

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Lawn Roller Features

The Landzie Lawn Roller has an all-steel construction based on a traditional hand-pushed or pulled roller design.  It has a hollow steel drum with a water-tight seal so you can use water to choose your own weight.  Spread your grass seed, compost, peat moss, or lightweight topdressing material, and then roll your lawn with the Landzie Lawn Roller.  The steel drum flattens uneven bumps and breaks up clumps of soil as it rolls.  Additionally, you can use it to create the perfect lawn stripes for an impressive finished look!

Achieve the Lawn of Your Dreams

Landzie is your go-to source for a lush, professional-looking green lawn this season. Our walk behind steel lawn roller pampers and nurtures your grass by making the leveling and setting of grass seed quick and easy!  Also, use this Lawn Roller to achieve the perfect lawn stripes on your lawn.  The Landzie Lawn Roller can flatten compost, peat moss, topsoil, topdressing, manure, mulch, dirt, greenery, and so much more!  Therefore, the lawn you’ve always desired is now only a click away!

Lawn Roller, Landzie 24 Inch Steel Lawn Roller

The Landzie Lawn Roller Saves Money and Time Over Traditional Methods

Stop having your grass seed grow unevenly and start using a Landzie Lawn Roller! Our barrel roller tool evenly flattens compost, peat moss, and other soil amendments across your yard, which drastically reduces waste and saves money.  Traditional methods of seeding often lead to much of the seed blowing away or being eaten by birds.  Consequently, not using a lawn roller can cost you more time and money.  Go easy on yourself and get the job done with a Landzie Lawn Roller!

Breaks Up Clumps as it Rolls Across Your Lawn

The Landzie Lawn Roller drastically reduces the hassle and mess of evening out your lawn by breaking up larger chunks of soil with its heavy steel drum. The easy-fill cap screws open for easy filling and it provides a water-tight seal.  When spreading is complete, open the cap and allow the water to drain from the barrel.

Buy the Landzie Lawn Roller with Confidence

The Landzie Guarantee – Here at Landzie, nothing comes before our customers. Since day one, we’ve built our entire business with you, our customer, in mind. We guarantee 100% satisfaction for every purchase and will work rigorously to achieve that goal. Landzie products are designed to the highest standards in the industry, ensuring you are getting top-quality items at an affordable price. When purchasing from Landzie, rest assured knowing that we’ve got you covered!

Landzie Steel Lawn Roller Features

  • All Steel Construction
  • Water-Tight Barrel
  • Easy-Fill Plug
  • Comfort Grip Handles

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The Landzie logo is green and blue with a sun over the letter A.

Expertly Designed Lawn Care Tools

The lawn of your dreams is now only a click away! Landzie is your go-to source for a lush, professional looking green lawn this season.

Save Time & Energy

Landzie tools are purposefully designed to make lawn care work easier and more enjoyable without compromising on quality.

The Landzie Promise

Landzie USA guarantees your satisfaction 100%.  We stand behind our products and pride ourselves on quality and care.

How did we get our start?

Landzie was born in a garage from the frustrations our founder, Andrew Laplante, faced while caring for his lawn.  Determined to design easier methods of lawn care, Landzie was founded to help improve the lives of lawn care enthusiasts across the country.

What problem are we solving?

Traditional methods of lawn care are tiring and inefficient.  Landzie specializes in designing modern lawn care equipment that saves time and money over traditional methods.

Why do we love what we do?

As lawn care enthusiasts ourselves, we love sharing knowledge and lawn care stories!

The Landzie Guarantee

At Landzie, we take great pride in our craftsmanship, as our high-quality line of lawn care products is built to endure even the toughest of projects. We guarantee your complete satisfaction with your Landzie product and work rigorously to achieve that goal. Before anything, our customers come first. That being said, should you ever run into an issue, or find yourself anything less than 100% satisfied, please do not hesitate to contact us. We promise to make things right. The Landzie product guarantee ensures you buy with confidence!

Landzie Steel Lawn Roller Product Reviews

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Additional information

Weight 27 lbs
Dimensions 26 × 16 × 15 in


Barrel Length


Barrel Diameter


Barrel Volume

20 Gal / 76 L


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