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Landzie 44″ Push or Tow Behind Compost & Peat Moss Spreader

Landzie 44″ Push or Tow Behind Compost & Peat Moss Spreader


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The Landzie 44″ Compost & Peat Moss Spreader is a larger version of our classic pull behind spreader model.

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Pull Behind Spreader by Landzie

Featuring an all-steel construction based upon a traditional hand-pulled roller design, this tow behind spreader has a mesh basket with 3/4 inch by 1/2 inch diamond-shaped holes.

It can capably serve as a pull behind spreader for compost, peat moss, and other top dressing, be pushed as a walk-behind spreader, or towed via a tractor or lawn mower.  The high-capacity hopper makes spreading simple.

The Landzie Spreader evenly distributes compost, peat moss, topsoil, or other topdressing material in consistent layers as it rolls along. The steel mesh conveniently filters out any large debris so you don’t have to pick it up off your lawn later!

Additionally, the lightweight frame and comfortable grips on the handle make lawn care even more enjoyable. Enjoy a pull behind topsoil spreader designed to make the job easy while providing positive results, each and every time.

Tow Behind Spreader

Achieve the Lawn of Your Dreams!

Landzie is your go-to source for a lush, professional-looking green lawn this season.

Our spreader, in both pull behind and towing configurations, pampers and nurtures your grass. It  provides essential nutrients to plant, feed and weed for your lawn, flowers, plants, and gardens.

Use our pull behind and tow spreader for compost, peat moss, topsoil, topdressing, manure, mulch, dirt, greenery and so much more. The lawn you’ve always desired is just a click away.

Save Time and Money With This Tow Behind Spreader

Stop spreading top dressing with a shovel and start using a Landzie!

Our pull or tow behind spreader evenly distributes peat moss and soil across your yard, drastically reducing waste and saving money on bulk purchases of peat moss or other materials.

Traditional methods of spreading are inefficient and often lead to back strain, which can cost you days or even weeks of work. Avoid delays and get the job done with a Landzie spreader. Spread just about anything: Use your Landzie as a pull behind compost spreader or tow behind peat moss spreader, among many other applications.

The Best Tow Behind Spreader for Compost, Peat Moss, and All Top Dressing Needs

The Landzie Guarantee

At Landzie, we take great pride in our craftsmanship. Our high-quality line of lawn care products is built to endure even the toughest of projects.

We guarantee your complete satisfaction with every Landzie product and work rigorously to achieve that goal. Before anything, our customers come first.

That being said, should you ever run into an issue, or find yourself anything less than 100% satisfied, please do not hesitate to contact us. We promise to make things right. The Landzie product guarantee ensures you buy with confidence!

Tow Behind Spreader

Less Mess With the Landzie Spreader

The Landzie Tow Behind Spreader for compost, peat moss, and more drastically reduces the hassle and mess of spreading top dressing. It easily and consistently separates larger chunks from granular material as it tumbles and stirs throughout the metal mesh cage. The large hinged door swings open for easy filling. Triple-locking clasps secure the load, ensuring the basket stays closed during turning and tumbling operations. When spreading is complete, open the latch and remove excess material from the bin before refilling.

Tow Behind Spreader

Pull Behind Spreader Features

  • 44″ heavy-duty rolling barrel holds over 2 bags of peat moss, perfect for large areas
  • 3 spreading options (push, pull, or tow behind)
  • Extra thick 3/4″ durable steel mesh
  • Large, hinged door for easy filling
  • Triple-locking clasps stay secure as you roll
  • Breaks up clumpy materials as it tumbles
  • Comfort-grip handle
  • Easy assembly
  • Durable, long-lasting construction
  • Works with compost, peat moss, topsoil, and more!

4 Easy Steps to Use Your Tow Behind Spreader

1. Assemble Your Tow Behind Spreader

Landzie makes leveling quick and effortless by specially designing our products for easy assembly, which have you ready to go in seconds.

Stop wasting time with poorly written instructions and difficult-to-assemble products. Put that time into your lawn instead.  Start getting it done the Landzie way!

2. Fill Your Landzie Spreader

Open the large swinging hinge door and fill your spreader with compost, peat moss, topsoil, or other top-dressing material.

The Landzie Tow Behind Spreader works best for evenly distributing peat moss, compost, pitt moss, fine mulch, topsoil, sand, or a topsoil/sand mixture and more. It can quickly and evenly distribute top dressing across any lawn, garden, farm, or golf course.

3. Lock Your Landzie Tow Behind Spreader

Close the swinging hinge door and lock it in place with our heavy-duty, reinforced steel latches.  Now your top dressing is secure and ready to spread evenly over your lawn or garden!

4. Start Spreading Topdressing!

Push, pull or tow your Landzie Spreader to apply top dressing across your yard!

Notice how your Landzie spreader evenly distributes topdressing, providing essential nutrients to all parts of your lawn to promote healthier growth.

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Landzie Compost Spreader Product Reviews

TheLawngineer using the Landzie Tow Behind Spreader to over-seed.

“This is the Landzie Compost & Peat Moss Spreader! And I’m really excited to show you how this is great for top dressing your lawn after overseeding. Top dress the easy way with this must-have tool! I hope you enjoy this video!” –TheLawngineer

Tow Behind Spreader Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Landzie Tow Behind Spreader Work With Peat Moss?

Yes, the Landzie Spreader is a peat moss spreader! The versatility of this pull-behind spreader is one of the key qualities that make it so popular. You can spread the right mixture to support the unique needs of your field, lawn, farm, garden, or golf course.

Simply fill the Landzie Spreader with peat moss and roll it over your lawn to distribute the peat moss evenly — it’s as simple as that!

Does the Landzie Pull Behind Spreader Work With Topsoil?

Yes, the Landzie Spreader is a topsoil spreader! Simply fill the Landzie Spreader with topsoil and roll it over your lawn to distribute the topsoil evenly. Whether you push it yourself or tow it, you can count on a dependable spreader.

Can I Make My Own DIY Tow Behind Spreader?

In a very technical sense, yes.  It is physically possible to make your own tow-behind spreader.

Should you make your own spreader? That question has a different answer.
It would be especially difficult to construct an effective mesh and barrel structure on your own, especially without the right tools and training. The folks at Landzie have spent years perfecting the design, so it works much better than any DIY tow-behind spreader.

Where Can I Find a Tow Behind Spreader for Sale?

The Landzie Spreader is an innovative new lawn tool, which we sell in different sizes. For example, consider our 36″ Spreader if you have a larger area of lawn to cover but our 44” model seems too large. If you are looking for a cheaper compost spreader for sale, then please browse our line of deeply discounted Scratch & Dent Landzie Spreaders.

Is the Landzie Strictly a Lawn Tow Behind Spreader?

While this Landzie Spreader is mainly used as a lawn tow behind spreader, it also works great for spreading compost and soil on garden beds. You can push this spreader as well as tow or pull it behind you.

If you want to spread compost evenly on your garden bed, then fill the Landzie Spreader with compost and roll it back and forth across the bed. The Landzie Spreader evenly distributes compost in your garden and helps reduce the amount of raking required.

Additional information

Weight 56.4 lbs
Dimensions 47 × 19 × 19 in


Spreader Width

44 inches

Barrel Volume

7.25 cubic feet

Spreader Coverage (per fill)

800 square feet

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