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Landzie 8 ft Tow Behind Drag Level

Landzie 8 ft Tow Behind Drag Level


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The Landzie 8 ft Tow Behind Drag Level can be used for any leveling job. The leveling drag splits into 2 parts for easy handling, storage, and transport. Made from reinforced steel, and powder-coated, this leveler will hold up to any job. This behind level comes with a 4 ft heavy-duty chain link and hitch connection.

This tow-behind lawn leveling rake is a great way to smooth out surfaces and break up clumps of soil.

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Landzie 8′ Harrow Drag

The Landzie 8′ Drag Harrow makes yard leveling a breeze. Stop wasting time with inferior methods and products! Start trusting Landzie for your lawn care today!

Built For the Toughest Job

Landzie products are engineered to withstand the toughest of terrains and conditions. Whether you’re leveling a driveway, yard, highway, farm or any surface, look no further than the Landzie Drag Harrow. Equipped with a rust-proof, heat-treated powder-coated steel frame, durable chain link design, and reinforced snap spring connectors, the Landzie Tow Behind Drag is built-to-last and makes the job quicker and easier than ever.

Assemble In Minutes

Landzie products are designed for easy assembly that can be completed in minutes with little to no instructions. Simply attach the two pieces of the drag together with the four bolts and nuts provided, attach the chains to each end, then connect to your ATV, UTV, or tractor for quick and easy leveling.

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Expertly Designed Lawn Care Tools

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Landzie tools are purposefully designed to make lawn care work easier and more enjoyable without compromising on quality.

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Traditional methods of lawn care are tiring and inefficient.  Landzie specializes in designing modern lawn care equipment that saves time and money over traditional methods.

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As lawn care enthusiasts ourselves, we love sharing knowledge and lawn care stories!

8 ft Tow Behind Drag Level Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Level a Bumpy Field?

To level a bumpy field, you can use a variety of tools and techniques. It all depends on the size and condition of the field, as well as your resources and budget.

You could use a travel and box scraper to smooth out the field. However, most people don’t have access to these types of mower attachments because they’re expensive. There are also a variety of smaller lawn sweepers that you can use to level out the yard. That will take a lot of manual effort.

The best way to level a bumpy field is with a lawn leveling drag pulled behind a garden tractor. It works great and doesn’t require much labor.

What Does a Yard Drag Do?

A yard drag is a tool used for smoothing and leveling soil in a yard or other small area. It consists of a frame with a heavy metal or plastic mesh attached to it, which is dragged over the surface of the soil to smooth out bumps and ridges while filling in low spots.

Yard drags are typically pulled by hand or with a pull-behind lawn tractor. They are useful for preparing a surface for planting grass seed, leveling ground for a garden, and preparing an area for other landscaping projects.

How Do You Make a Homemade Tow Behind Level or Drag Mat?

You’ll first need to gather materials like metal or plastic mesh, metal piping, and some wire and cable ties.

Cut the mesh to the desired size of your pull-behind yard drag mat. It should be wide enough to cover the area you want to pull over. Attach the mesh using the piping and cable ties. You can also add handles to it if you plan to pull it manually.

If you’re interested in purchasing a tow behind lawn leveler, the Landzie 8 ft Tow Behind Drag Level is the best option for you.

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