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Landzie Fork Aerator with Spiked Tines

Landzie Fork Aerator with Spiked Tines


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Use the Landzie Fork Aerator to revitalize your lawn this season by removing compacted soil and thatch.  Aerating your lawn encourages healthy root growth, enhances resistance to drought and flooding, and reduces the need for excessive amounts of fertilizer. Try our best manual spike aerator today!


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Why We Developed This Spike Aerator

The Landzie Fork Aerator was created with two things in mind: power and proficiency! What separates the Landzie Fork Aerator from the rest is its easy-to-use handheld innovative design that penetrates even the toughest of soils. The soft grips allow you to manually aerate your lawn comfortably, and get the job done with ease.  With an all-steel design, this spike aerator is a durable and efficient means of reducing soil compaction and promoting the growth of a lush green lawn.

Landzie has revolutionized the manual lawn aerating industry by designing a solid spike aerator that works great on compacted soil. Unlike anything else on the market, three solid, stainless steel tines work deep into the ground with ease.  There is no need for stopping and unclogging with a solid spike aerator. Get your next manual lawn aeration job done twice as fast!

Sharp Spiked Tines for the Landzie Fork Aerator

How To Use The Landzie Fork Aerator

It’s simple! First, you’ll want to be sure to time your aeration for shortly after your lawn is watered or it rains. Manual lawn aeration is easiest when the ground is moist since it takes less effort to insert your Landzie Fork Aerator into the ground. When the time is right and you begin aerating, firmly press down on the aerator with your foot into the ground. Aim to insert to a full depth of 3″ for maximum aeration.  As you remove the fork aerator, the solid spiked tines leave channels for water and nutrients to reach deep into the soil.

The Landzie Fork Aerator is Best For:

The Landzie Fork Aerator can be used by any one, any age, at any time! Our Landzie Weeder can be used in any geographic area.


  • Removes compacted soil and thatch to boost grass growth
  • Revolutionary, solid steel spiked tines
  • Comes pre-assembled
  • Removable tines that you can switch out (Landzie offers open-faced self-ejecting bevel tines as well as solid spiked tines depending on your preference!) 
  • Durable, Long-Lasting Construction
  • Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Frame
  • Comfort-Grip Handle so you can aerate with ease
  • Heat treated with powder-coated finish for protection against rust, corrosion, and all weather conditions!
  • Dimensions: 42″ L x 9″ W x 1″ H

Manual Spike Aerator With Innovative Design

The Landzie Fork Aerator is an easy-to-use handheld yard aerator that penetrates even the toughest of soils with ease.  It is the ideal tool for the seamless removal of soil and thatch from almost any lawn. With an all-steel design, this spike aerator is a durable and efficient means of reducing soil compaction and promoting the growth of a lush green lawn.

Landzie Is Based in the USA

Landzie USA understands your lawn care needs and constructs the best manual lawn aerator tools for the job. Our team of dedicated lawn care experts designs and manufactures only the strongest and most durable tools that will last for years to come. The Landzie Fork Aerator is no exception; it’s built with powder-coated, durable steel to withstand even the toughest of jobs. Landscapers, professionals, and lawn car enthusiasts across the country trust Landzie grass aerating tools.

No Assembly Required

Landzie’s manual aeration tools are designed for quick and easy assembly, having you ready to work in seconds. With the Landzie Fork Aerator, you will never need to worry about instructions, as it arrives with the tines already fitted to the frame and ready for use. The prongs can also be easily removed for cleaning, ensuring the tool is always in tip-top shape when you need it.

Buy With Confidence

The Landzie Guarantee – Here at Landzie, nothing comes before our customers. Since day 1, we’ve built our entire business with you, our customer, in mind. We guarantee 100% satisfaction for every purchase and will work rigorously to achieve that goal. Landzie products are designed to the highest standards in the industry, ensuring you are getting top-quality items at an affordable price. When purchasing from Landzie, rest assured knowing that we’ve got you covered!

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4 Easy Steps to Use Your Landzie Fork Aerator

1. Unpack Your Landzie Fork Aerator

Your Landzie Fork Aerator comes pre-assembled!  Landzie makes lawn aerating quick and effortless by pre-assembling each aerator to have you ready to go in seconds.

2. Water Your Lawn Before Aerating

Manual lawn eration is easiest when the ground is moist, usually done shortly after rain or watering.

This makes it easy to insert your Landzie Fork Aerator into the ground, producing full and complete soil plugs.

3. Firmly Press Down on the Aerator With Your Foot

Use your foot to firmly press your Landzie Fork Aerator into the ground.

Insert to a full depth of 3″ for maximum aeration.

4. Aerate and Auto-Eject Soil Plugs

As you remove your Landzie Fork aerator from the ground, the spiked tines leave channels in the ground, allowing the roots to breathe and reducing soil compaction.

Landzie Fork Aerator Product Reviews

SilverCymbal using the Landzie Fork Aerator

“Get a beautiful LAWN without a lot of work? Absolutely! EASIEST DIY method to renovate your lawn in place in FALL for the best results! Use my proven technique for an amazing lawn NOW and in the Spring without the hassle.” –SilverCymbal

Fork Aerator Frequently Asked Questions

Does Aerating With a Fork Work?

Yes, fork aerators are an effective way to aerate your lawn. For best results, aerate your lawn manually once a year.

What Is the Best Time of Year To Aerate My Lawn?

The best time of year to aerate your lawn is in the fall. This gives the grass time to recover before the winter.

What Are the 4 Types of Aeration?

There are four types of aeration: manual, electric, gas, and battery-powered. Manual lawn aerators are the most affordable and easy to use.

How Do I Know if My Lawn Needs Aeration?

If your lawn is compacted or has a thatch layer more than ½ inch thick, it may benefit from aeration.

What Are the Benefits of Aerating My Lawn?

Aerating your lawn can improve drainage, reduce compaction, and encourage new growth.

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