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Rotary Brush (Edwin 45 cm)

Rotary Brush (Edwin 45 cm)


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The Rotary Brush disperses worm casts, clears debris from the lawn, and works topdressing materials down into the sward.

Only 1 left in stock

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The effectiveness of the rotary brush during the application of sand into your lawn exceeds the well-established methods of smoothening or manual brushing. It is intended for sanding, topdressing and aeration.

The package includes a cartridge, a metal cover and a protective shield. Applying sand or a substrate into the lawn has never been so easy and fun.

The rotary brush is suitable even when you have an uneven lawn that you want to smoothen with sand. You just need to throw the sand where you want it and ride over it a few times with the brush. The surface will remain even, and the sand will be inside the turf.

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Edwin 45cm (18 inch)


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