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Hollow Tine Fork Aerator

Hollow Tine Fork Aerator


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The fork aerator ensures perfect aeration that will help the roots grow deeper and the lawn to thicken.

In stock

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The only hollow tine lawn aerator made entirely from high strength stainless steel and with replaceable tines.

The hollow tine fork aerator ensures perfect aeration that will help the roots grow deeper and the lawn to thicken. You can use the fork aerator on smaller lawn areas, especially in places that have more traffic (and therefore ground compaction) than others.

The fork has 3 hollow prongs, 130mm in length and 90 mm apart.

The soil cores that are removed have a diameter of 16 mm.

Additional information

Weight 2.5 lbs
Dimensions 105 × 28 × 5 in

5 reviews for Hollow Tine Fork Aerator

  1. Ben C.

    I received the aerator yesterday thanks and used it today. I’m not going to say it was light work but the Swardman was certainly more effective than the cheap Chinese one I had before!

  2. Colin M.

    Have to provide some feedback on Swardman product which was delivered earlier today. I rate this manual fork aerator 10/10 for quality and effectiveness during 10 minute initial trial period. No clogging like all previous tools purchased which will now be confined to the scrapheap. Well worth the wait.

  3. Peter K.

    Item arrived this morning. Thank you for your excellent communication during this difficult situation for you. Very happy with my purchase.

  4. John C.

    My aerator arrived today, and with some trepidation I unpacked it and gave it a try, and boy, is it good.

    I’ve had poor experiences in the past with hollow tine aerators because of my heavy clay soil; they just clog on first use, but this one is just superb.

    My thanks to you and the rest of the team for delivering a great product in very difficult circumstances.

  5. Richard L.

    I just wanted to say that this product is amazing.

    I had given up on aerating our poorly drained clay lawn. The £30 plug aerators from the garden centre clog every few times you push them in. And it’s hard work pushing six (usually blunt) tines into the ground. Spikey shoes are useless. Using a garden fork just compacts the soil around the holes and makes no real difference. And the cost of a petrol aerator hire isn’t worth it for two small lawns (one of which is only accessible through the house)

    Then a while back I saw the Swardman aerator on YouTube (it was one of the “you might also be interested in” suggestions). It looked like a brilliant idea. Until I saw the price… I thought about it for several months before deciding to give it a go. And I am glad I did. At the weekend I aerated the back lawn without a hitch. The only time I had to clean the tool out was when I had finished.

    This is quite simply a superb design. And it is beautifully made. I never thought I would end up buying luxury lawn care tools, but I am glad I did. And it should be a one time purchase as, if the construction is anything like as good as it seems, it should outlast me!

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