Build a Swardman Reel Mower

Please choose a mower type and width using the buttons below to begin building a Swardman reel mower.  The 55 cm wide models are the standard size for any lawn, while the 45 cm models feature good maneuverability for small lawns.

Edwin 2.1
Edwin anthracite

The Swardman Edwin 2.1 is an outstanding self-propelled gas reel mower with great maneuverability, an astonishingly quiet, reliable Briggs and Stratton engine with very low fuel consumption and emissions.

Electra Silver Matte

The Swardman Electra is an exceptional self-propelled battery-powered reel mower with very low running costs and up to 5 times quieter than typical petrol rotary mowers. Now available to order.

Swardman lawn mower blades and roller

Swardman reel mowers deliver the most precise cut of the grass to leave an incredibly sharp, healthy, finish on your lawn with the most beautiful stripes you could wish for.

Swardman lawn mower gears

The all-metal Swardman design is coupled with outstanding engineering to deliver a strong, beautiful reel mower that delivers exceptional results.

Edwin Dark Blue RAL 5002

The award winning design of the Swardman reel mowers demonstrates a perfect combination of aesthetics and functionality, available in any colour you want.


Transform your Swardman into a 5, 6 or 10 blade mower, verticutter, scarifier or sand brush within 2 minutes with the Swardman range of cartridges.

Swardman mobile phone holder

Choose from a wide range of optional mower and modern-day convenience accessories to custom configure the reel mower you always promised yourself.

Top Class Technology

Petrol powered Edwin 2.1 and battery-powered Electra use one of the best engines on the market. Edwin 2.1 is propelled by a very quiet and reliable four-stroke Briggs and Stratton engine with 2.4 kW output. It features a cultivated and economical run and low CO2 emissions. Electra is powered by 2 independent industrial motors with 500 resp. 200 W output.

Swardman reel mowers use a minimum amount of plastic parts. The entire mower is designed for a long service life and high reliability. Optionally, it is possible to deliver a lightweight carbon bonnet or to choose from a 200-colour palette.

Forget about the complex cleaning of the lawn mower after work. Swardman reel mowers are designed to avoid unnecessary effort. After mowing, simply brush the mower off to remove grass blades. In normal operation, it is enough to have the reel and bedknife sharpened once a year.