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Swardman FAQs

Swardman FAQs2022-09-13T14:59:33-04:00
Rollers & Roller Wipers2022-09-13T07:11:42-04:00

How does the grooved roller work?

The primary function of the grooved front roller is to comb the grass ahead of the mower and gently lift the grass blade to give a better cut. As it is grooved, it has less surface area so it is less likely to be impacted by worm castings or other surface residue on the lawn.

Is the front roller wiper worth having on a grooved roller?

Swardman don’t recommend fitting a front wiper for the grooved roller. The wiper simply bolts onto the front of the chassis above the roller and simply rolls against it, removing the debris. It’s a lower cost option which can be easily retro fitted by owners themselves, so there is no need to worry too much about this decision when putting together your initial specification..

Regeneration Cartridges2022-09-13T07:11:45-04:00

Can the operating height be adjusted for all the cartridges?

Yes, the height adjustability works across all the cartridges so you can increase the intensity of your scarifying, verticutting or brushing as well as the cutting height when using the reel blades.

Can the cartridge run at full speed whilst the mower drives slowly?

Yes, of course. The speed of the cartridge rotation is entirely independent of the drive speed. The Electra has something called “Regeneration mode” which enables the mower to drive slowly whilst the cartridge rotates at maximum speed. The is is perfect for verticutting, scarifying and brushing. The regeneration drive speed is customisable to every mower, so you can set this up exactly as it works for you.

Edwin – General2022-09-13T07:17:12-04:00

Where does the Edwin name come from?

The reel mower was invented by Edwin Budding who was granted a British patent in 1830.

Reel Blades2022-09-13T07:11:47-04:00

Does the mower include a reel blade as standard?

No, all the items are listed individually so you can choose exactly the equipment you prefer.

What is the difference between a 5, 6 or 10-blade reel?

The fewer blades that the reel has, the more suitable it is for mowing taller grass. A reel with fewer blades is suitable for less frequent mowing so the 5-blade reel is ideal for those that don’t intend to mow more than once per week. The 6-blade reel is something that more advanced lawn care enthusiasts will prefer and is generally recommended for those cutting twice a week. The 10-blade reel is recommended for high-quality cuts under 20mm with a mowing frequency of three times a week or more.

The 5-blade reel delivers 60 cuts per metre, the 6-blade reel delivers 72 cuts per metre and the 10-blade reel delivers 120 cuts per metre.

How often does the reel blade need to be sharpened?

It is recommended to sharpen all blades at least once a year at the end of the mowing season. If you are mowing a large lawn (over 1,000 sqm) more than once per week, it is recommended to have the blade sharpened twice per year. Sharpening should be done by a qualified professional using professional grinding equipment.

Electra – LED Lights2022-09-13T07:34:19-04:00

Electra LED Configuration

Swardman Electra LED graphic

LED Messages:

  • LED 1 Blinking Fast, Cartridge does not rotate = Low battery.
  • LED2 Blinking Fast, Mower won’t drive and cartridge does not rotate = Overheated. Leave to cool for 30 minutes in the shade.
  • LED 4 Blinking Fast, Cartridge does not rotate = Cartridge motor overload (see manual)
  • LED 5 Blinking Fast, Mower won’t drive = Drive motor overload (see manual)
Electra Procedure Codes2022-09-13T07:28:57-04:00

Drive and Cylinder Levers Calibration

For mowers manufactured from April 2020:

Over time the levers can adjust slightly beyond their original positions. They can be re-calibrated using the following procedure:

  1. Press OK, Lock and + buttons at the same time.
  2. Hold those buttons until only the LED2 shines.
  3. Press OK. Now the LED3 is shining.
  4. Press OK.
  5. Now the LED4 is shining. Press both levers at the same time (drive
    and reel) all the way up and press OK when the levers are still up.
  6. Release the levers.
  7. Press OK.

For Mowers manufactured between December 2017 and March 2020:

  1. Press and Hold the OK button
  2. Quickly press the + then then + then R buttons
  3. Release the OK button
  4. One LED light will be flashing
  5. Raise the LEFT lever all the way up and then release
  6. Raise the RIGHT lever all the way up and then release
  7. All LED lights will illuminate if successfully calibrated.
  8. YouTube video here

Note: Please recalibrate the handlebars only when it does not work properly. e.g. If the reel does not rotate or rotates all the time even when the lever is not pushed… or when the mower drives even without pushing the drive lever etc. Every mower is calibrated in the factory, so a handlebar recalibration should not be required very often.

Hard Reset of the Main Control Unit

  • Hold + – and OK at the same time for 3-5 seconds
Electra – Driving Control2022-09-13T07:16:30-04:00

How does the mower drive control work?

The Electra is controlled with just two levers, one for the drive and the other for the reel blade. The controls are responsive and sensitive, reacting just as you would expect as you move each. The more you push the drive lever, the faster the mower goes. The reel spins proportionately to the driving speed to maintain the correct number of revolutions.

Can I control the reel speed?

Yes, the reel speed is controlled independently from the driving speed. If you spin the reel without driving, it will only reach 20 per cent of the maximum power. This is a safety measure. The full power of the reel will activate when the mower starts moving. The reel is activated with the “LOCK” button. After pushing it, the operating person has 1.5 seconds to start the reel with the control lever. If you do not push the lever in the given limit, the reel will not start working for safety reasons.

Can I set a maximum speed that works for me?

Yes, of course. You can set the speed that your Electra will drive at when pushing the drive lever to the maximum limit. The maximum speed can be adjusted by clicking the “+” button (to increase it) and the “-” button (to decrease it). One push of a button changes the speed by 0.3 km/h. The speed can be set between zero and 5.6 km/h. This means that anyone can set up exactly the speed that suits them best.

Does the Electra really have a reverse gear?

Yes, it certainly does and it is the first mower to have the ability to drive backwards. You can activate the reverse drive by pressing and holding the “R” button. The speed is steadily set to “slow backward walking”. The mower reverses until you release the button. This function, is invaluable; for example, when it comes to navigating near walls, shrubs, pools or other garden obstacles, and especially when parking the mower and handling it in a garage or a shed.

Electra – General2022-09-13T07:16:32-04:00

Is the Electra much cheaper to run than an equivalent petrol mower?

The cost of running an Electra reel mower is incredibly low, it’s around 7 times lower in terms of full operating cost than an equivalent petrol mower. It is estimated that it costs just $15 per year to mow a 300 sqm lawn with the Electra. That’s incredible. Not only are the energy costs significantly lower, the servicing time and costs for a battery mower are too. Servicing is reduced largely because the Electra doesn’t have an internal combustion engine but also because there is minimal shared use of moving parts in the design.

How quiet is the Electra in real terms?

It’s remarkably quiet. Running at maximum power, the loudness of Electra at the operator’s ear is just 67 decibels. That is the same kind of noise level as a modern kettle boiling water or typing on a keyboard.

Operating Limits2022-09-13T07:11:50-04:00

What is the maximum height of grass that can be cut?

A reel mower is designed primarily for regular mowing, ideally at least two times a week and Swardman reel mowers are designed to primarily operate in the range of 4mm to 45mm. Swardman reel mowers can cut grass up to 80mm tall, but that is the maximum and you’d want to use the tall grass wheels.  Mowing at 80mm is not generally best-practice for a reel mower. A range of reels are available to suit different heights of mowing with cylinders with 5, 6 and 10 blades in the range.

How low can I cut the grass?


How much grass can I cut before needing to refuel/recharge?

With the petrol-powered Edwin, you can run the reel mower for several hours on a single tank holding 1.6 litres of fuel. That is an exceptionally low rate of consumption. The 45cm Edwin will cut 2,700 sqm per hour and the 55cm Edwin will cut 3,300 sqm per hour.

With the battery-powered Electra, you can mow up to 1,400 sqm of lawn on a single charge. That is an exceptional range for a battery mower with this power and quality of cut. The 45cm Electra will cut 2,385 sqm per hour and the 55cm Electra will cut 2,900 sqm per hour.


Can I really have any color I want?

Yes, up to 200 different colors are available. Simply select any color from a standard RAL color chart.

Is the paint good quality?

Yes, without question. Protection of the machine from the weather and from the demands of general use requires a top quality paint. Swardman uses paint from IGP, an outstanding company based in Switzerland. The paint itself is not where the quality starts and finishes, the process of applying the paint is also critical. Swardman worked with the Czech Technical University to develop the perfect process for surface preparation through blasting and priming and spraying the powder coating onto the mower.

Can I have the reel mower in one colour and the grass box in another?

Yes. It’s your mower, so you can have what you want. Simply choose the Custom RAL colour option and we’ll contact you to understand your precise requirements before placing the instruction with the factory.


Where are Swardman reel mowers manufactured?

All Swardman reel mowers are manufactured in the Czech Republic and use only parts manufactured in-house or sourced from reputable European suppliers. There are very minimal plastic parts and the all metal construction of the key components is a major contributing factor to the performance, reliability and overall quality of the machines.


What is the lifetime of the battery?

The lifetime of LiFePO4 batteries is remarkable. They can be recharged up to 10,000 times. This would mean that if you were to fully discharge your Swardman Electra every single day of the year, the battery will last 27 years. Fully discharging every other day, would give 54 years of lifetime, twice a week would provide 95 years of usage and just once a week would see the battery last 192 years. We think that’s enough for most people.

What do I need to know about battery charging?

It is very important that the battery is managed correctly and according to the instructions that come with your Swardman Electra reel mower. The battery should be charged regularly during the mowing season, which is easier to stay on top of as the machine is being used more frequently. During the winter, the battery must be fully charged at least once every 8 weeks and charging should not be done in an environment where the ambient temperature is below 10 degrees Centigrade at any time during the charging period.

Battery Warranty

The battery in your Swardman Electra is covered by the 2 year domestic warranty or 1 year for commercial users. However, as is common with most batteries, the warranty does not cover any reduction in charging capacity beyond the first 6 months (it always reduces gradually, by a very small amount over time) and excludes any recharging issues caused by failure to follow the correct charging instructions, especially during winter (see above). Swardman has a very customer-centric approach to battery warranty and will always help customers who maintain and operate their Swardman reel mowing equipment correctly and may even provide significant help with battery issues beyond the 2 year warranty period.

Do I need to turn the Electra off to save power?

No, the Electra is a smart mower and will enter stand-by mode after 60 seconds of inactivity.


How long is the warranty on Swardman Reel Mowers?

If you are using the reel mowers for domestic purposes, there is a 1 year warranty on the machines.  If you are using the mower commercially, there is no warranty.

How long is the warranty on Swardman Garden Tools?

If you are using the tools for domestic purposes, there is a 2 year warranty. If you are using the tools commercially, then this drops to 1 year.

Technical Support2022-09-13T07:11:59-04:00

Is technical support available in the USA?

Yes. Landzie has been appointed by Swardman to represent them in the USA. We have full customer service, technical support, spare parts and warranty repairs all done here in New Jersey . Just contact us through the website and we will be very happy to help. We have full technical 3rd level support from Swardman direct.

Where do you ship to?2022-10-12T13:53:58-04:00

Landzie offers complimentary shipping in the continental United States & all provinces in Canada.

Please contact us and we would be happy to provide shipping rates to Alaska & Hawaii.


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